HPE ProLiant rack servers

The HPE ProLiant Rack servers Accelerate workloads of all types and sizes and are fully customizable and scalable servers.

The rack and tower servers are available in the families below:

  • HPE ProLiant MicroServer
  • HPE ProLiant ML family (ML30, ML110, M350)
  • HPE ProLiant DL family (DL20, DL160, DL180, DL360, DL380, DL325, DL385, DL560, DL580)

While all three families are designed to handle multiple workloads, each family is optimized for specific use cases

HPE ProLiant rack servers Description

The DL family of servers are the most flexible, reliable, and performance-optimized HPE ProLiant rack servers—ever. HPE continues to provide industry-leading compute innovations.

The new HPE ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio, comes with flexible choices and versatile design, along with improved energy efficiencies, ultimately lowers your TCO. They are Integrated with a simplified. But have a comprehensive management suite and industry-leading support.

The HPE ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio delivers a more reliable, fast, and secure infrastructure solution, helps increase IT staff productivity, and accelerates service delivery.

In addition, the rack portfolio is performance-optimized for multiapplication workloads. This significantly increases the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs of any size, faster.

The HPE ProLiant Gen10 and Gen10 Plus rack portfolio delivers:

  • Up to 61% performance increase and 27% increase in core with the new Intel Xeon
  • Scalable processors5
  • Up to 27X faster checkpoint operations enabling significantly faster business operations6
  • 82% greater memory bandwidth increasing application performance for memory-intensive applications7
  • 14% more processor cores for greater VM density and 33% greater memory capacity for better VM performance and price/performance using AMD EPYC™ processors8
  • 9% memory speed improvement with 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processors9
  • 2X greater I/O bandwidth enabled by PCIe 410
  • 2.4X greater storage capacity11


HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers are available in a variety of platforms to support different compute needs and workloads.

The following charts will help you compare the offerings within the HPE ProLiant rack and tower families.

These charts are organized according to server needs.

  •  HPE ProLiant 10 series—Small Business Servers—Easy to buy and deploy
  • HPE ProLiant 100 series—Right-Sized Servers—Balance of performance, efficiency, capacity, and manageability
  • HPE ProLiant 300 series—Versatile Performance Servers—Industry-leading design with flexible choices for multi-workload compute and storage
  • HPE ProLiant 500 series—Scale-up Servers—Scalable performance for business-critical workloads

You can see more info on HPE Servers here

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