Puas Video conferencing system is an audio visual technology that enables users in different locations have face-to-face meetings/ communication without any need to physically meet in one common location. Since it saves time, travel costs, and hassles related to business travel, Puas is a convenient technology. This is especially for business users in different countries or towns.

Despite this, video conferencing systems and equipment can be quite expensive and intimidating to many businesses. Our modern video conferencing kit, enables individuals and businesses hold their important meetings or classes hassle free. Besides, the kit provides low Total Cost of Ownership.

These Puas Video conferencing system kits are easy to use, manage and most importantly, plug-and-play. Thus reduce the need for technical teams involvement in set up, installation and configuration process.

We have 3 different Video Conferencing kits that range from Ksh 31,842 Incl Vat to Ksh 68,863 for large meeting rooms. Dependent on the system, you get access to an 87° wide angle PTZ USB camera, Speakerphone, Hub and Expansion mics. The Camera is 1080P enabling high resolution quality view. Our professional conferencing systems are perfect for meeting rooms of up to 20 people. Depending on the scale, these kits can be installed in small startup huddle rooms with 2 people all the way to boardrooms, schools, churches and embassies from 3 to 30 meter distances. Fully compatible with H.323/ SIP Protocol and most video conferencing software.

Shop Puas affordable and best price video conferencing kits for offices in Kenya. We also supply across Africa on order. Call 0700446536 to order or request for guidance from our team of experienced engineers.

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